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Welcome to SonoVoice

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SonoVoice is developing the first-of-its-kind accessible, science-based voice evaluation and training system.

The company's patent-pending technology was co-developed by researchers at Duke University and NC State University.


Who it's for

45 million Americans depend on their voices for personal or professional well-being. These are teachers, entertainers, members of the clergy and 15 million singers who place significant demands on their voices.

These “vocal athletes” need continuous, systematic voice evaluation and training to achieve vocal fitness and avoid vocal injury because 1 in 13 Americans experience voice problems annually, most often resulting from voice overuse or inefficient voice use.

Our solution

SonoVoice Voice Evaluation and Training System

The SonoVoice system offers an accessible, affordable voice evaluation and training system to improve voice function for millions of Americans and many more millions around the world.

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